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Josiah Gaskin

Full Stack Web, Android, and iOS Developer

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  • [email protected]
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  • 650.395.7789
Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer at Optimizely Inc.:

Android (Java), iOS (Objective-C, Swift), Google App Engine (Python)

Built A/B Testing SDK for Android

Tech Lead and IC for Mobile SDKs and Services

Built error reporting pipeline and dashboards

2013-06-01 till 2014-10-13

Software Engineer at Google Inc.:

Java, Swing, IntelliJ Platform

Implemented a Virtual Device Manager

Built code generation infrastructure for Android Studio

Implemented welcome flows and project creation

2011-12-01 till 2013-05-31

Android Development Lead at Aura Labs:

Java/Android, ObjectiveC/CocoaTouch, Django, NodeJS, AWS.

Spearheaded development of Android applications

Designed/implemented an SDK to allow third-party developers to access data

Designed/built realtime data processing pipelines

Created cross-platform biometric computation libraries

2012-05-15 till 2012-08-15

Software Engineering Intern at Google Inc:

JS/Closure, Soy

Launched Google+ Events

Added zooming and panning support to photos in Google+

2012-04-15 till 2013-04-15

Student Body President at Associated Students of Harvey Mudd College:

Worked with Faculty executive committee to plan curriculum

Worked with Deans of Students to plan student programs

Oversaw 60+ clubs and student organizations

Managed a $215,000+ operating budget


2009-09-01 till 2013-05-15

Harvey Mudd College

Bachelor: Computer Science (3.58)


Languages (Fluent): Java, Objective-C, Swift, Python, Go, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, C/C++

Frameworks and Tools (Fluent): Android, iOS, Google App Engine, Django, JQuery, Kafka, NodeJS, Git/SVN